Times Have Really Changed

parenting-styleI love my life. I now enjoy staying home, taking care of my family and our home. I thought I was going to miss my usual corporate life but I was wrong. I really enjoy seeing my kids grow up and do crazy stuff. I just crack up every time my kids say something really funny. They just say the funniest things ever.

Looking Back

Looking back in my childhood years, I don’t remember saying anything funny. I was a pretty quiet kid. It’s probably because we were brought up in a totally different manner. Although I grew up in a home that was filled with love and encouragement, we just really didn’t have the freedom to speak our mind. Together with the golden rule, we were also taught to respect our elders by speaking only when spoken to. I must say that I had a very conservative upbringing. But nonetheless, it was filled with good memories. I guess at that particular time, my parents thought it was the right thing to do.

My Own Parenting Style

Now that I’m a parent, I’m realizing that I need to work on my own parenting style. While there are a lot of parenting styles I can follow, I need to tailor whatever style I choose to implement at home. While some parenting styles can work for others, they may not really work for me. In the same manner that the conservative setting I grew up in may not really work for me and my kids.

There’s no standard parenting style that fits all. That’s the everyday challenge of parenting, to find that particular style that suits well. I find that I’m comfortable with a more relaxed and lenient parenting style. I want to get to know my kids so I encourage them to speak up. I think it’s the best way for them to develop self confidence. Also if they speak up, they will develop the knack for language. I can easily assess their progress in language and communication. I find that very important, most specially in their early development.

So there isn’t a moment of silence in our home. Their curiosity is always translated into words and I’m always on my toes to entertain them. These are moments that will create their childhood memories. Such is why I want to make every moment special.But there are times when my patience runs out. Sometimes their witty remarks amaze me or even worse, shock me.

One Shocking Remark

My kids say and ask the funniest things. One time when I had just colored my hair, one of them took a long look at me and said, “Mom, where’d you get your hair?” I cracked up laughing and explained to my child that I had just colored my hair. Then another funny remark came out of my child’s mouth. The remark went like this, “Mom, did you use crayons?”

Then one time I had scolded them while eating lunch. I couldn’t exactly remember why I was calling their attention. But I do remember telling them to watch their manners on the dinner table. And since we were having lunch, one of the smarty pants reacted, “It’s now a lunch table.”

Those are just a few of the very many wacky remarks of my kids. But there’s one particular remark that caught me off guard. It was a remark from my seven-year old.

We were about to start eating lunch and again, I had to call their attention. They were so noisy and my patience was running out. Then I said something that I regretted. I carelessly said, “When we were young, we couldn’t even talk on the dinner table.” I made a mistake of making a comparison. Then my seven-year old remarked,”Why are you talking now?”

I was caught off guard. I didn’t know what to do; laugh or react. It was one shocking remark.

It’s Different Now

I don’t regret choosing a more lenient parenting style with my kids. But there are times when I get really shocked with the things they have to say. Although I make sure to call their attention when they cross the line, I just have to accept the fact that times have really changed.

2 thoughts on “Times Have Really Changed

  1. criselda

    I just love your article. It’s pretty entertaining. Although I don’t really agree with your lenient parenting style, I find your story very entertaining. Your kids are funny.

  2. sue

    I’m glad I came across your site here because I definitely agree with you that times have changed. Kids have more freedom and confidence to talk back. I don’t remember being as bold as that when I was a kid. I don’t know about other moms but sometimes I get really tired with all these parenting trends. I remember being scolded when I talked back and it didn’t really damage me. As a parent nowadays, I am always scared that i am doing the wrong thing. It’s tiring.


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